Bristol Politics: The good the bad & the ugly

Danta A. Tagariello RTC member and former campaign manager for Andrew Howe including a fellow supporter

How often have you said something like, “I hate politics, I refuse to play that kind of game”?

If you said, “yes” you are a very smart person.

Politics is a topic that tends to make one cringe and yet, it also can affect so many lives.

The Good…

Regardless of who, what, when and where, everyone now needs to work together to get things done.

Bristol has so many  — so many — groups of amazing people. Many of them met during a time of heated political rhetoric.

What this election did for Bristol was bring some very passionate people together for a battle of the century… A WW3 if you will…

The war now is for a better Bristol and not one against each other.

It’s that simple. Let’s just work…Work that will be hard.

The Bad…

Politics can turn friends, families, neighbors, acquaintances, and coworkers into friendly adversaries.

Social media most definitely makes it worse.

It was downright bad.

While the candidates remained quiet and controlled by press releases, videos, and carefully written statements, the social media junkies — the boots on the ground — were out in full force.

Many supporters on both sides pretty much made social media on a local level a living hell. It was hard not to avoid it.

The Ugly…

Politics can turn friends, families, neighbors, acquaintances, and coworkers into vindictive and vicious enemies.

This is where hardcore supporters of a candidate that lost will feel the most pain.

The pain can be emotional, work related or just a horrible feeling of what’s to come.

It’s these folks who are the most vulnerable to some first-hand immediate and calculated damage.

These folks are a true casualty of war. While newly elected candidates may come, and the other ones go, some are stuck in the zone of the unknown.

Instead many should focus on an All-Heart Bristol.



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