Candidate Q&A: Dr. Carl Salsedo For Burlington Board of Selectmen

Dr. Carl A. Salsedo for Burlington Board of Selectmen

The Roundup sent questionnaires to every candidate in Bristol and Burlington for this year’s municipal election. In an effort to properly inform voters, their answers are unedited. The goal is to give the candidates the opportunity to offer their thoughts on issues directly to their constitutes. In return, it gives voters the opportunity to formulate their own decisions on what they have to say.

Next up is Dr. Carl A. Salsedo incumbent for Burlington Board of Selectmen.

What are your most pressing issues?

Burlington is held hostage by a lack of a state budget, our taxes are always a concern because without a large business base, town funding falls on the residents. We have to keep up our great education system.

How do your thoughts and ideas differ from your opponent(s)?

I’m an incumbent. Over the past four years, my fellow board members and I have been working constructively together and with The Board of Finance. Together, our boards have gained a AAA bond rating through a recession with minimal mil rate increases. In spite of Connecticut’s economy, Burlington has fared very well under this collective leadership. I am also involved in a lot of community groups. I was Chairman of the Conservation Commission, President of the Burlington Historical Society, and a Charter Member of the Burlington Garden Club. There are a number of other, equally important groups that I have been a member of or volunteered for over the years.  Additionally, I am Vice Chair of The Town Committee.  I believe in collaboration and communication and that you cannot have too much of either. Nobody wins when things are held close to the chest.

Will you support a tax increase if it’s the last resort?

Yes, if it will keep the town solvent and keep our bond rating, I would reluctantly support it. However, there are always possibilities, and I would only support an increase after The Board of Selectman, The Board of Finance, and the collective community have exhausted every other option. Tax increases stunt growth.

Additional Comments:

It has been an honor for me to represent Burlington on The Board of Selectmen since 2013. I am running again to help ensure that our quality of life in Burlington is preserved, and development is proactively planned to conserve the natural beauty of our community. I have engaged in many issues that impact the current quality of life and future well-being of our town. These include my support for our local schools, and the purchase of land for open space and future town development. Challenges will continue into the future, and will require the experience and insight that I’ve gained by serving you for the past four years. I strongly believe in constructively working with others to advance the solutions that continue to make our town a great place to live. I want to foster the spirit of cooperation and goodwill that is becoming the trademark of our community. We may not agree on everything, but if we work on common causes together, so much more can be accomplished. I am asking for your vote to continue to serve Burlington. I created a page on Facebook so that anyone can follow along as we head toward the election. Please visit it at



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