Candidate Q&A: Peter Kelley

Peter B. Kelley

The Roundup sent questionnaires to every candidate in Bristol and Burlington for this year’s municipal election. In an effort to properly inform voters, their answers are unedited. The goal is to give the candidates the opportunity to offer their thoughts on issues directly to their constitutes. In return, it gives voters the opportunity to formulate their own decisions on what they have to say.

Next up is Candidate Peter B. Kelley for City Council 2nd District.

What are your most pressing issues?

The most pressing issues facing Bristol are the state budget and the financial impact on our budget. We are fortunate than many other cities, due to our sound city finances. Fiscal vigilance must be maintained to insure we maintain this secure status going forward. In making the right choices going forward, regarding Depot Square and downtown development, we can position ourselves to be an attractive option, as part of the plan, for young people considering Bristol as a place to live.

How do you feel about Bristol’s marketing efforts, what would you suggest?

I feel Bristol’s marketing efforts have been somewhat successful. We must provide them with a better product to market. We need to work hard to insure the success of the Memorial Boulevard Theater, along with the proposed magnet school and downtown development to make Bristol a destination. Keeping Bristol money in Bristol as ell as being a viable option to people from surrounding towns.

How do your thoughts and ideas differ from your opponent(s)?

I feel Ellen Zoppo and her assembled team, is by far the best choice to lead Bristol the city, and restore the luster, to our tarnished image. She has the intelligence, vision and integrity to do this.

What are your thoughts on Bristol Hospital purchasing a portion of the former mall site? Will it help revitalize downtown?

It would not have been my first choice, but we can, and have to make it work!

What is your position on moving City Hall?

City Hall’s present location is falling apart. If it is cost effective, i would support a move to Ten Main Street

Will you support a tax increase if it’s the last resort?

Only as a last resort. What kind of question is this?

What is your stance on crime in Bristol?

I think Chief Gould is a great leader and doing a fine job. The opiod crisis is fueling a rise in property crimes, especially home and car break ins. City Leadership must do their job to help the police do their job, to mitigate and eventually eradicate this terrible crisis, affecting many families.

Is social media helping or hurting Bristol at the moment?

Social media can help in so far as informing people of what is going on. Intelligence civil discourse is not very prevalent, unfortunately. I could live without it, but I would miss the selfies, and posting pictures of what I had for dinner.



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