Bristol-Burlington Health Department Releases August Restaurant Inspection Scores

The Bristol-Burlington Health Department monthly inspects businesses serving food to ensure restaurants and other food retail outlets are following safe food handling procedures.

Connecticut regulates how often these inspections take place, and what specific items the inspectors look for, but, in general, health inspectors check that safeguards are in place to protect food from contamination by food handlers, cross-contamination, and contamination from other sources in the restaurant.

Monthly inspection reports are released to the public online at The Bristol-Burlington Health Department website or in person.

Inspection results performed by The Bristol-Burlington Health Department for September 2017 are as follows:

9/5 Christian Fellowship  86

9/5 Wendy’s  95

9/5 Jake’s Wayback Burger’s 95

9/5 Boston Market  83

9/6 Sheriden Woods 100

9/6 Corner Pizza  76

9/7 Panera Bread  85

9/7 Applewoods  81

9/7 Buster’s Drive-In 97

9/8 Shop Rite 96

9/11 Double Tree by Hilton  80

9/11 Pequabuck Golf  77

9/12 Ingraham Manor 97

9/12 Savory Concepts  89

9/12 Bleachers 95

9/12 New Nice Chinese  81

9/12 Monterrey Mexican 94

9/12 M & M Market Farmington Ave 96

9/14 Burger King Federal St. 97

9/14 New Century Buffet  88

9/14 Ruby Tuesday  88

9/15 Pines at Bristol 96

9/15 Dunkin Donuts Valero 95

9/15 Greer’s Chicken  86

9/15 Chopsticks Kitchen  91

9/22 Center Deli Market 99

9/22 Panera Bread 93

9/22 Corner Pizza 94

9/22 Boston Market  89

9/22 Lucky Grocery, LLC  95

9/22 Rodd’s Restaurant/On The Go  96

9/26 Village Green of Bristol 96

9/26 Dunkin Donuts 552 Farm. Ave.  93

9/26 Sun Fat  88

9/26 Savory Concepts 96

9/26 M&M Market Farmington Ave. 100

9/26 New Nice Chinese 91

9/26 Applewoods 95

9/27 M &M Deli Stafford Ave  91

9/27 Legends 87

9/27 Crystals  81

9/28 Frankies of Bristol 83

9/28 Stop and Shop Farmington ave  88

9/29 Nuchies 95

You can view the official report which includes citation descriptions here.



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