Why is the Page Park pond green?

Page Park pond

The City of Bristol gets Parks and Recreation right. There are several great parks in the area. Page Park has a great playground near the entrance, as well as tennis courts, a disc golf course, and an Olympic sized pool.

This is a great park for kids of all ages.

I do however find myself disappointed by the number of litter people leave behind.

I’m also disappointed with the small pond’s green soupy water. The pond has been plagued for decades with problems. In 2013 more than 100 fish were found dead in the pond.

With all the bird excrement and garbage, one would think the pond is a biohazard.

That is far from it.

Back in April, the Perry J. Spinelli Fishing Derby took place. Kids of all ages caught some fish and there was even a prize given out to the youngest fisherman to catch a fish.

While these talented young fishermen may have caught some, I doubt they took them home to eat — or maybe.

Why is the pond green?

The only reason a pond would ever turn green is due to algae growing in it.

First, let it be said that algae in a pond is not necessarily bad. In fact, a healthy thin layer of algae growing on the inner surfaces of the pond is an important part of a healthy pond.

On the other hand, algae can also be a real problem.

Animals exposed to toxins from green algae can experience vomiting or diarrhea. High levels of exposure to the toxins can cause them to experience liver failure and may be deadly.

In addition, green algae can affect other animals such as birds and deer.

Usually, there are no problems at all, but it only takes one instance to change your perspective on things forever.

The Page Park pond can be a beautiful place to be around, and it doesn’t have to be a dangerous thing. But it does deserve a certain amount of awareness in regards to safety.

I am sure Bristol Parks and Recreation keeps a close tab on it.

Page Park is located at across from Bristol Eastern High School.

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