Proposed restaurant tax leaves a bad taste for Bristol Mayor

Ken Cockayne

Mayor Cockayne announced that he is opposed to the implementation of restaurant tax that is currently being proposed by the House Democrat leadership in Hartford.

The tax being proposed would add an additional sales tax of 1% to all restaurants and bars in a municipality.

In addition to this increase the sales tax would increase to 6.99% from 6.35%.

“This regressive tax would hurt many of our Mom and Pop food establishments in Bristol, “Cockayne continued “This tax will hurt businesses and kill jobs in our city and I am strongly opposed to it.”

Under the proposal it would be up to the local legislative body to implement the new tax and this would be a pass through from the State of Connecticut to the local community.

Cockayne said, “I will ask the members of the City Council to oppose its implementation and help keep jobs in our community.”

This tax is aimed to help the larger cities in Connecticut absorb some of the budget cuts that will be coming from Hartford.

“We have been able to grow our grand list in Bristol, fully fund our pension obligations and adopt a no tax increase budget and its time the State of Connecticut stop looking for new ways to tax its citizens,” the Mayor said.

“I don’t believe that our restaurants and food establishments should be an ATM for the state of Connecticut” Cockayne concluded, “our residents and families are being squeezed enough.

Those who took their life savings to open a business should not be subject to additional taxation by the state or their local community.”



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