Health Department Releases June Restaurant Inspection Scores

Pink’s Hot Dog located in Lake Compounce

The Bristol-Burlington Health Department monthly inspects businesses serving food to ensure restaurants and other food retail outlets are following safe food handling procedures.

Connecticut regulates how often these inspections take place, and what specific items the inspectors look for, but, in general, health inspectors check that safeguards are in place to protect food from contamination by food handlers, cross-contamination, and contamination from other sources in the restaurant.

Monthly inspection reports are released to the public online at The Bristol-Burlington Health Department website or in person.

Inspection results performed by The Bristol-Burlington Health Department for June 2017 are as follows:

6/1 Lucky Grocery  85

6/1 Wings Over Bristol  92

6/1 Thai Avenue  89

6/2 Friendly’s 96

6/2 Sporty’s 1 1 87

6/2 El Sazon De Mama 98

6/5 Subway Middle St.  96

6/5 7-Eleven  87

6/5 Golden Pagoda  88

6/6 BARC 97

6/6 Sun Fat  88

6/7 Subway 1197 Farmington Ave.  95

6/7 Crystals  84

6/7 Ingraham Manor 100

6/8 Sonic  94

6/8 Augie’s Café  91

6/8 Marilyn’s Pub  84

6/9 Cumberland Farms Bristol 95

6/9 China Kitchen  89

6/12 Village Green Rehab  91

6/12 North Main Mini Mart  95

6/12 Taste of China  77

6/12 Bowl New England  79

6/13 Vivaldi’s Pizza  87

6/14 Citgo Food Bag Birch St.  95

6/14 Pines at Bristol 95

6/14 Pizza House  85

6/15 Lucky Grocery 95

6/15 Ninety-Nine Restaurant  92

6/16 Village Green Rehab 99

6/16 Sporty’s 94

6/19 Zion Lutheran 100

6/19 Sabaidee Thai  92

6/19 7-Eleven  93

6/20 Bristol Grocery, LLC  94

6/20 St. Joseph’s Polish Society 97

6/20 Dunkin Donuts Stop N ShopFarm. Ave.  93

6/20 Subway Burlington 98

6/21 Sage Grill  87

6/21 Aldi 100

6/22 Max Pizza III Burlington  95

6/23 Greenhouse Café Burlington  82

6/28 Parkside Diner 98

6/28 Pizza Place/ Pig House  95

6/28 La Fiesta/ Funnel Cake 97

6/28 Pink’s Hot Dog 100

6/28 Potato Patch 97

6/28 Fried Bats  98

6/28 Breyers Gevalia 99

6/28 Lake Compounce Sweet Shop 98

6/28 Dunkin Donuts Lake Comp.  97

6/28 Doc Popcorn 100

6/28 Sorrentos Pizza Burlington 96

6/29 Vivaldi’s Pizza  91

6/29 New England Bowl  93

6/29 Chippanee Golf Club  81

6/29 People’s Choice Pizza  90

6/29 Stop N Shop Farmington Ave.  94

6/30 Taste of China  91

You can view the official report which includes citation descriptions here.



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