Barney Announces Bid for City Council

Brittany Barney and the Democratic slate for 2017

Brittany Barney announced her bid for City Council in the third district this week. Barney is very happy to say she is a new mom, wife. She is currently employed at Connecticare.

Barney is a lifelong Bristol resident and has wonderful memories growing up in Bristol and looks forward to sharing those memories with her daughter as well as building new ones as a family.

Barney is the daughter of well know Dean Barny in Bristol.

“Bristol is at an important intersection, although things have improved in town there is still much more work to be done and at this point, it is time for creative leadership that will be able to create a Bristol worth investing in. It is time to make a real commitment to this city we all love and instill real change and momentum in the many redevelopment projects that are pending further action.” said Barney.

“As a taxpayer of Bristol I have made the decision to deepen my roots into this community, however, like many people I am aware of the stagnation in development that over time will not only affect the tax revenue of the city and my property value but all resident’s quality of life.”

Barney says as a new mother, she has so much to think about and every thought comes right back to my beautiful baby.

“On behalf of my daughter, myself, my friends, family and neighbors, it is time to want more from our city and steer us to a future that is even brighter than we could have imagined. It is time to take action, and it all starts with heart.”

For more information about Brittany, you can visit her Facebook Page.



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