Commentary: Make life one heck of a ride

There are always going to be certain people in your life that get you down. There will be ones that make you feel bad about yourself, day after day. Ones that change your mind about your own life. And always one that disapproves of your actions. Our mothers always told us to stay away from people like this.

She would urge to surround yourself with people that make your heart happy. Accept who you are as a person. But as years go on, it gets seemingly harder to find those true people to hold you up when your knees are weak.

The ones that make you smile when they enter the room. People that lighten your mood with a simple gesture. We all seem to involve ourselves with people that don’t care about our emotions, say they only want the best for us, but don’t mean it all.

Who knows why we do this, to be cool, to have some meaning in what we call popularity? Society these days is built around the amount of time it takes to receive a text back. Leaving a person open and not responding back with a simple picture.

We grieve over the dumbest of things when we could be rejoicing in the happiness around us. It seems as if there isn’t enough time to pick our heads up and truly look at the decisions we are making versus the ones we should be.

We have lost so much time being upset about what they said to someone, that passed it on to someone else. We are all caught up in the thought of how we are going to make it in this world. How people view us, and constantly changing for the ones that don’t deserve these changes.

The focus is no longer on loving and caring for those best friends you’ve had since kindergarten. All attention is on if you’re wearing the right clothes, if you responded to fast, or if you’re not trying hard enough.

So I say we all take a breather and reassess the world around us. Why can’t we all understand that if we use the word sorry too many times it begins to lose its meaning. How hard can it be to accept that every single one of the people you pass in the hallway has something going on in their life you don’t know about.

Let’s put an end to all this worrying if we aren’t good enough, worrying that we’ve failed too many times in a row.  This is your life, and you only have one shot at it. Take it and hold it close and make it one heck of a ride. Enjoy everything you do, and appreciate all the good there is in this world.

By Lynn Uchalid



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Apricots Restaurant & Pub in Famington has closed

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The end of the car tax? Tentative budget deal calls for its elimination

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Demo clearing way for waterfront West Haven mall

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Clear night with temps in mid 40s; sunny, delightful Friday

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