Blight Fight: Bristol has plenty of eyesores to tackle

101 Jacobs Street

Every month the Bristol Code Enforcement Committee meets to discuss what properties need help or demolition if needed.

According to the March 1, 2016 Code Enforcement Committee meeting minutes, under new business, It was brought to the attention of the committee that the homeless are setting up camp on the railway. The Committee asked that property owners remove all mattresses and tents. It was noted the Police Department was notified of the situation.

Also discussed was a complaint from a tenant occupying an apartment at 28 Landry Street. After a committee inspection, it was noted that the first and second floor apartments are utilized as storage with the overflow in the hallways.

Additionally 101 Jacobs Street was discussed as the homeowner has not made repairs to the electrical boxes, repair to a wall within the basement and the installation of a fire alarm system. A condemnation warning notice has been issued.

Other properties discussed during the March meeting include:

The owner of 102 South Street is in the process of evicting the tenants. Once the tenants have moved out the owner will repair required items as the tenants will not allow access.

A discussion arose about 301 Main Street as several inspection notices were mailed to the owner due to debris/garbage on the front lawn and lack of exterior maintenance. The owner also owns several properties throughout Bristol with code enforcement orders.

The committee also discussed 7-11 West Street. The property owner has not repaired items ordered by the Fire Department and the plans for the fire alarm system have been submitted and approved but not installed.

A clean-up was ordered at 127 Pine Street as the tenant runs a business cleaning out properties and dumping the debris on the property. The City is unable to charge the tenant and can only place a lien on the property. Ultimately, the owner of the property is responsible for his tenants’ actions.

Several properties on Divinity Street was addressed due to unregistered motor vehicles and a lack of exterior maintenance. Warning notices was mailed out to each individual owner.

The committee also approved tax freezes for 45 Stearns Street and 474 Birch Street.

54 Locust Street was denied the tax freeze as the repairs to the property do not conform to the guidelines set forth within the Tax Assessment Freeze Program.

The Mayor’s Code Enforcement Committee is a collaboration of city officials from multiple city departments, some with statutory authority, who work in concert conducting team inspections and handling enforcement of blighted properties.



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