Bristol resident battles city hall for 16 years over sidewalk dispute


Handmade sign on display at 106 Federal Street, Bristol CT.

Jose Torres of Bristol says he has been battling city hall for 16 years starting when rain water washed away parts of his sidewalk on Federal Street back in July of 2000.

Torres passionately said he is displeased with current Mayor Ken Cockayne, former Mayor Art Ward, former Mayor Gerard Couture, The Water Department, Public Works and the Engineering Department regarding his sidewalk.

The total cost of the repairs is $805.48. Torres wants the city to pay for the repairs and pay for months of lost rent.


Handmade sign on display at 106 Federal Street, Bristol CT.

Back in July of 2000, a 20-minute period of heavy rain washed away portions of Federal Street and its sidewalks. The rain water was so intense it left dirt, boulders, pavement and sidewalks rushing down the street toward the rail road tracks.

“I need to get this fixed, I need to rent out my apartment” said Torres. 


Handmade sign on display at 106 Federal Street, Bristol CT.

Torres said he is loosing thousands of dollars in rent money because the city will not issue a certificate of occupancy due to the work needed.

Mayor Cockayne when asked said he had no comment but stressed the issue started when Torres didn’t like the answer he was given by former Mayor Gerard Couture and also former Mayor Art Ward.

It appears Mayor Cockayne is following the same recommendations made by his predecessors.

“If they [City Hall] would just fix this for me I’d be happy to end this and rent my apartment” said Torres.



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