Bristol Health department releases inspection scores for November


Dunkin Donuts Rt. 6 Bristol CT.

The Bristol-Burlington Health Department regularly inspect businesses serving food to ensure restaurants and other food retail outlets are following safe food handling procedures.

Connecticut regulates how often these inspections take place, and what specific items the inspectors look for, but, in general, health inspectors check that safeguards are in place to protect food from contamination by food handlers, cross-contamination, and contamination from other sources in the restaurant.

The monthly inspection reports are released to the public online at The Bristol-Burlington Health Department website or can be viewed in person.

Inspection results performed by The Bristol-Burlington Health Department in November are as follows:

11/1 Parkside Café 90

11/1 New Nice Chinese 95

11/1 Stop N Shop Pine St. 98

11/2 Sabaidee Thai 96

11/2 Legend’s Sports Bar 92

11/3 Paul Gregory’s 83

11/3 Palma’s Diner 91

11/3 Gino’s Pizza 91

11/3 Dunkin Donuts 15 Pine St. 95

11/3 Chippanee Golf 80

11/4 ESPN Main Campus 86

11/4 ESPN North Capmus 79

11/7 Palma’s Diner 98

11/7 Route 6 Pizza 98

11/7 Ziggy’s Schnitzel & Brat 99

11/7 Super Stop & Shop Farmington A  92

11/7 Starbucks 94

11/7 Dominos  88

11/8 Zzaam Korean Grill 93

11/8 Dunkin Donuts 855 Farmington 95

11/9 Dunkin Donuts No Main St 83

11/9 Dunkin Donuts 1255 Farmington 99

11/9 Center Market Deli 91

11/9 Bagels Plus 92

11/9 Uncle Sam’s 94

11/9 Bon Sai 93

11/10 Dunkin Donuts Stop N Shop Pine 96

11/10 Oasis Restaurant 84

11/10 Holly View Manor 100

11/14 Dunkin Donuts Brewster Rd. 94

11/14 Luiza’s Diner 87

11/15 Emily’s Catering 90

11/15 Parkside Café  93

11/15 Just For You 96

11/15 Wendy’s 98

11/15 McDonld’s N. Main 80

11/15 McDonald’s Farmington Ave. 90

11/16 Cumberland Farms Burlington 90

11/16 Greenhouse Café  87

11/16 New York Deli & Market 90

11/17 Paul Gregory’s 96

11/17 Chippanee Golf  92

11/18 ESPN 99

11/18 ESPN North Capmus 98

11/22 Burger King Farmington Ave. 97

11/22 Burger King Federal Hill 96

11/22 Sage Grill 74

11/22 Dominos 94

11/23 Sage Grill 95

11/23 Subway Middle St. 96

11/23 Dunkin Donuts 552 Farm. Ave. 95

11/23 Center Market Deli 98

11/29 Oasis Restaurant 90

11/29 McDonalds North Main 91

11/30 Cumberland Farms Burlington 97

11/30 Greenhouse Café 1 92

11/30 Chippanee Golf 98

You can view the official report which includes citation descriptions HERE Page 1 & Page 2.  Citations are on page two.



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