Nicastro challenges Martin

Henri Martin running for re-election as State Senate District 31

Henri Martin

State Senate candidate Mike Nicastro is challenging Senator Henri Martin to explain his record in Hartford of voting against job creation and economic development programs while telling his constituents back in Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth/Terryville and Thomaston that he has a plan to create a “Confident Future” for Connecticut.

Last week, Sen. Martin joined with other Republican senators for the launch of their 2017 agenda. While filled with promises, the document provides no details about how the state would pay for these campaign promises.

When repeatedly asked by the media present, no answers were offered.

Nicastro says Sen. Martin’s confused record on economic development include voting against job training and job creation programs Small Businesses Express and STEP-Up. Nicastro adds those programs have helped businesses create and retain 1,452 jobs in the 31st Senate District.

“In 2016, Sen. Martin backed a last minute budget that would have delivered the largest cut to higher education in our nation’s history, would have cost 8,000 construction jobs and was still out of balance by $150 million. That same year, Sen. Martin voted against the creation of a landmark program to help cities like Bristol attract entrepreneurs and start-up companies through the creation of “Innovation Places.”

“Due to Sen. Martin’s lack of leadership, Bristol missed out on a critical planning stage funding grant to help bring more innovative and good-paying jobs to the area.”

Nicastro said in February of 2015 Sen. Martin complained vehemently to the Bristol Press about a budget proposal which would have eliminated certain tax credits for ESPN.  He stated, “I feel like it’s a broken promise,” and “We’re making it difficult for them to believe anything the state promises.” Now in his latest plan, “A Confident Future” he calls for an end to all “Corporate Welfare” including the same tax credits he defended just last year.

Additionally Nicatro said “Connecticut residents can be confident in our future only when our elected officials start with being candid but keep a positive attitude and don’t make ridiculous comments such as “the state is in a death Spiral” said Nicastro.

He continued, “Henri and his leadership would flunk a Marketing 101 class and frankly I’m not sure Henri read his proposal.  One minute he’s angry about any negative impact on ESPN and now he wants to treat them like a pariah. Which is it?  The ability to grasp economic issues starts with understanding the value of the biggest employer in the district and then reconciling that value with the important task of measuring the efficacy of economic development programs.

You can do both but it requires an understanding the economic complexities, the ability to speak for yourself and looking for positive outcomes for all involved.  I have that ability and want to bring my years of experience to the residents of Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth/Terryville and Thomaston so they have a honest, trusted voice in the Senate.”

Nicastro is a native of Bristol and makes his home there with his wife Colleen, daughter Sarah and son Christopher.

Nicastro is a Corporator of Bristol Hospital and serves on the hospital’s Finance and Insurance Review committees.

 Nicastro was also the President of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce.



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