Bristol Pharmacy Seeks Approval To Dispense Medical Marijuana

Photo by Vision Government Solutions, Inc. One of Beacon's locations in Bristol located on South Street.

Photo by Vision Government Solutions, Inc.
One of Beacon’s locations in Bristol located on South Street.

Requests for applications for Connecticut’s first medical marijuana producers and dispensary facilities are pouring in.  Beacon Pharmacy in Bristol is one of many in the state that submitted an application to dispense medical marijuana.

Building officials informed the zoning commission on Wednesday that Beacon Pharmacy with locations on South Street and Collins Road is requesting approval from the state to provide medical marijuana to medically approved recipients.

City Planner Alan Weiner said  “After legislation was passed by Connecticut The Department of Consumer Protection was directed to handle the process.”

Weiner also said “The state is concerned with the safety of dispensary employees. This topic is quite controversial in some towns.”

The Building Dept. is trying to categorize the facility to current zoning regulations. “What we will do is try to find something close to a pharmacy. We want to take the word marijuana out of the picture. The user of marijuana getting it legitimately is close to what a pharmacy provides.”

Wiener added ” All signs point to this being a pharmacy. Take the pampers away and they are dispensing drugs like a pharmacy”

The Department of Consumer Protection plans to award between three and five dispensary facility licenses. Preferred locations are Fairfield County, Hartford County, New Haven County, Litchfield County and New London County.

The Department also reserves the right to award more than five dispensary facility licenses in the event it concludes that it would be desirable to have additional dispensary facilities to serve registered patients.

Most recently West Hartford adopted a moratorium on medical marijuana growers and dispensaries. Bristol currently has not enacted any moratorium and it seems will not plan to in the near future.

Both the producer and the dispensary facility licenses will be awarded on a competitive basis based on the RFA responses.

The deadline for applications for both dispensary facility and production facility licenses is November 15th.

The agency requires that all questions and concerns  be communicated by email to with the subject line “Medical Marijuana RFA Question.”


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